Team Rules

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Team Rules

Post by Steve Aboagye on Sun Apr 24, 2016 8:01 pm

1.) Teams are limited to 4 racers. Teams may have a racing or non-racing owner.
2.) In order to create a team and/or own one, I must give the go-ahead.
3.) Teams may NOT collaborate with each other.
4.) Sharing setups between teams is prohibited.
5.) You may not be on more than one team at the same time.
6.) Once you start a season with a team, you either finish the season with that team or as an independent. If you start the season Independent you may join a team during the season and if you are released from your team during the season, you may not re-join until the off season.
7.) If you break a signed contract with a team before the end of its terms, you will not be able to join another team for exactly a season. This means that you will be banned from joining teams until the week you broke your contract has come during the next season. So if you left during the 6th race of the season, you can't join another team until the 6th race of the next season.

Possible future rule:
Team challenge and driver championship wins will increase skills for drivers on these teams.

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